energystar-map.jpg (68451 bytes) Find the zone where you live or where the product will be installed. Canada has been divided into four climate zones  based on annual average temperature. Zone A is the mildest, and Zone D is the coldest.

Make sure that the product model you are buying is qualified for the correct climate zone, or, to save even more energy, for colder zones. If you live in a location that is significantly higher in elevation than the surrounding area, consider purchasing a product that is ENERGY STAR qualified for at least one zone colder than where you live (especially in southern and central British Columbia).

ENERGY STAR qualified windows, are tested and certified by an independent, accredited agency. Products qualify for ENERGY STAR based on either their U-value or their Energy Rating.  As well, windows and patio doors must achieve at least an A2 rating for airtightness. The tables below show the required ratings for windows, doors and skylights to be ENERGY STAR qualified for each climate zone in Canada.

Zone Maximum U-Values
and Minimum R-Values
Minimum Energy Rating (ER) Values (Maximum U-Value 2.00 W/m•K)
  U-Value (W/m•K) U-Value (Btu/h•ft•F) R-Value (ft•h•F/Btu)   (Most Windows and All Doors) (Picture Windows Only)
          1998 2004* 1998 2004*
A 2.00 0.35 2.9 or –16 17 –6 27
B 1.80 0.32 3.2 or –12 21 –2 31
C 1.60 0.28 3.6 or –8 25 +2 35
D 1.40 0.25 4.0 or –5 29 +5 39
*The methodology used to calculate Energy Ratings, as defined by the Canadian Standards Association, was changed in 2004. All windows and doors now have positive ER numbers.


Design Casement (1700) A3 B7 C5 22 A, B, C
Design Awning (1700) A3 B7 C5 20 A, B, C
Design Fixed Casement (1700) Fx B7 C5 26 A, B, C
Regal Casement (2700) A3 B7 C5 22 A, B, C
Regal Awning (2700) A3 B7 C5 21 A, B, C
Regal Fixed Casement (2700) Fx B7 C5 26 A, B, C
Marquis Casement (3700) A3 B7 C5 23 A, B, C, D
Marquis Awning (3700) A3 B7 C5 23 A, B, C, D
Marquis Fixed Casement (3700) Fx B7 C5 26 A, B, C, D
Design Vertical Slider (1800) A3 B3 C4 22 A, B, C
Design Horizontal Slider (1800) A3 B3 C4 20 A, B, C
Design Picture Window (1800) Fx B7 C4 24 A, B, C
In accordance with CSA A440-00 window standards
All reinforced